Additional Care Services

Apreva’s specialty trained interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and volunteers provide the latest and most innovative approach to address all aspects of care, allowing the patient and family to focus on maintaining quality of life. This includes: 

  • Aggressive pain management and symptom control, such as intractable vomiting, anxiety, agitation
  • RN case management nursing services
  • Physician medical management
  • Personal care/hygiene
  • Psychosocial counseling
  • Music therapy
  • Durable Medical Equipment such as; hospital bed, oxygen, wheelchair, walker
  • End of life medical supplies, such as wound care
  • Incontinence Supplies, such as; adult briefs, wipes, disposable bed pads
  • Prescription Medication related to the Hospice Terminal Diagnosis –  the diagnosis medical professionals use when admitting the patient and billing insurance. Physicians choose the diagnosis based upon which condition will most likely attribute to the patients end of life.
  • Volunteer Services such as: companionship, hand massage, Reiki therapy, and Healing Touch
  • Bereavement Care, which may continue for up to 13 months after time of death
  • Optional therapies, as related to the Hospice Terminal Diagnosis

Medications, Equipment, & Supplies

Some medications, equipment, and supplies will be covered 100% if they are related to the hospice diagnosis. Items such as…
Medications, supplies, equipment and medical services may be covered 100% under the patient’s Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance hospice benefit if they are authorized by the physician and are related to the patient’s terminal diagnosis. Those recommended for circumstances not related to the patient’s terminal illness may be obtained by the patient, but will not be paid for by the hospice.